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Why Australia?

With so much on offer, Australia is a destination that has it all. From beautiful beaches and friendly cities to stunning countryside and the Outback, there is so much to do and see during your time Down Under! Here are ten reasons why Australia is the perfect destination for you:

  1. A holiday for all age groups
    With so much to see and do, Australia appeals to visitors of all ages. It has beaches, theme parks, wildlife parks, national parks, wilderness and bustling cities.

  2. Huge variety
    A huge variety of different experiences can be had in Australia. For gentle adventure activities, Australia can offer hiking, sailing, diving and sleeping under the stars in the real Aussie Outback - or for the adrenalin addict, there are many extreme sports available, including bungee jumping, sky diving, shark diving and white water rafting. If its nature you’re after then there’re kangaroos, koalas, whale and bird watching – and that’s just for starters. For culture, look no further than Australia’s ancient Aboriginal heritage or experience Australia’s magnificent food and wine

  3. Value for money
    Australia offers fantastic value for money, especially now that the exchange rate for UK and Irish visitors are so favourable

  4. Visit any time of year
    Australia is great to visit any time of the year. While Europe shivers in the winter, the Aussies bask in the glorious sunshine and even their winters are beautifully mild – just like an English summertime!

  5. So much to see and do
    It doesn’t matter how many times you've visited before, there’s always so much to see. First-time visitors may like to do the classic Sydney, Ayers Rock and Great Barrier Reef trip, while repeat visitors have no end of itineraries to choose from. Why not consider Western Australia or the Northen Territory?

  6. Take it at your own pace
    People do not need a month off to see Australia. Two weeks is ample time to have an amazing holiday. With such an efficient travel network of road, rail and air, getting around Oz couldn't be easier

  7. More accessible than ever before
    So many airlines are now flying to Australia from the UK, stopping off at various hubs en route so that you get to see even more on your holiday! Plus, you can choose form a number of exotic stopovers, from LA to Fiji.

  8. A truely unique experience
    Few countries offer as many unique and enriching experiences as Australia – that’s why over half the visitors go back for more!

  9. Extensive range to suite your budget
    Australia offers such an extensive range of accommodations to suit any budget, from 6-star opulence to the freedom of a motorhome - there's something for everyone!

  10. Tailor-made Australia
    We offer a flexible travel service to all Australian Travel Specialists customers. The packages available on this website can be tailor-made to your own travel needs. To find out how we can help you create your perfect Australian holiday email us on info@oztalk.co.uk