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Smartvisit™ Card | Getting Started


Getting Started

Once you receive your Smartvisit™ Card, carefully check the details. When you are sure everything is in order, simply sign and date the back of the card. Your card will be activated the first time it is used and will then be valid for that day and the consecutive days as shown on your card.
Please note that once your See Sydney & Beyond Smartvisit™ Card is signed, we are unable to change, cancel or refund your order

At the Attraction

Once you get to the attraction, you can enjoy the convenience of your See Sydney & Beyond Smartvisit™ Card. Simply go to the admissions point where staff will record your card. You don't have to pay for an entry fee unless indicated in your guidebook.

A limited number of attractions have restricted access, and you may need to phone in advance to arrange entry. Please note there is no readmission on the same day, but you may return to your favourite attractions on as many days as your card allows.

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