Australia – the most popular country for potential emigrants

A life “down under” is top of the list for people across the UK considering starting a new life abroad according to a report from Post Office November 2011.

The Post Office research showed that over a quarter (27 per cent) of people have considered a move overseas, with a further fifth (20 per cent) saying they remain open to the idea.

Australia is the most tempting destination – a fifth of people (21 per cent) say they would most like to live or work there, followed by the United States of America (18 per cent) and Canada (14 per cent). Spain came in fourth place (10 per cent) and was also the highest placed country where English isn’t the first language.

For those looking to live or work overseas the average amount of time people expect to stay is around seven years, giving them plenty of time to fully immerse themselves in the culture and enjoy a different way of living.

Those tempted by life overseas say this is because of the improved quality of living, warmer climate, new culture, adventure and work life balance.

Top 10 incentives to live overseas

1 Improved quality of living
2 Warmer climate
3 Experience a new culture
4 The adventure of living abroad
5 Improved work/life balance
6 High cost of living in the UK
7 Higher salary
8 Better career opportunities
9 Better places to bring up children
10 Combine travelling with getting paid

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