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Blue Mountains (New South Wales)

Situated just a short drive outside Sydney, the Blue Mountains offer are a vast, impressive landscape of caves, mountains and valleys which can be explored on over 200 walks of varying levels of difficulty.

On your trip to the Blue Mountains, you will climb the 1000 mountainside steps to see the breathtaking Three Sisters rock formation. The three rock pillars are 922, 918 and 906 metres in height respectively. Aboriginal legend has it that three sisters from the Katoomba tribe who were living in the Jamison Valley fell in love with three brothers from the neighbouring Nepal tribe. Law forbade them from marrying, and their relationships sparked a tribal war. A witchdoctor turned the sisters into stone to protect them from the battle, but he himself was killed at war. The witchdoctor was the only person who could reverse the spell, so the rock formations you see today are the sisters themselves still preserved in their rock form, as a reminder of the battles and tribal rivalry.