Welcome to Melbourne & Beyond

Melbourne is a thriving city full of style, culture and excitement. Perhaps the most European of Australia's cities, it is packed with excellent shops, cafes, restaurants and world-class attractions.

Melburnians will welcome you with a friendly smile, and you will find plenty to discover whatever your interests. The city is full of interesting architecture, historical landmarks, intriguing laneways and surprises around every corner. It is a city that shares its every day life with its visitors, and will embrace you warmly from the start.

Just a short distance away from the bustle of the CBD, you will find some of the most enchanting Victorian towns and villages, each with a story to tell. We thoroughly recommend you take time to explore - you'll not be disappointed! Coastlines with shipwrecks, crystal blue bays, forests and mountains, goldfields and spas - it's all on the doorstep of Australia's city of style.


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