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...Oz Miles make a great work incentive

Companies struggling to motivate employees with commission, 'Employee of the Month' status or promotions can rest assured that the promise of money off a holiday to Australia will boost performance amongst workers. Purchase Oz Miles and offer them as a reward for employees who have reached their sales targets, so that month after month your staff will produce the goods as they aim for Oz Miles to save up for a trip Down Under.

Fly to AustraliaOz Miles make a great wirk incentiveSydney Brigde Climb

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does the service cost?
    We offer this service free of charge to Oz Talk customers. If you are purchasing Oz Miles by credit card then there may be a small surcharge on transactions over £100.
  • What can Oz Miles be used for?
    Oz Miles can be used as full or part payment towards any Oz Talk holiday package or tailor-made package. Oz Miles may not be used towards payment for flight-only bookings or against any other special offer unless otherwise specified.

Important Information!

You must state that you will be using Oz Miles™ towards your holiday at the time of booking. The following terms and conditions apply.

  • Oz Miles™ vouchers entitle the bearer to stated value against any holiday or flight or part thereof booked through Oz Talk.
  • Oz Miles™ vouchers are totally transferable.
  • Any value of Oz Miles™ can be redeemed at any one time.

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