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Los Angles, USA

Los Angeles is the USA’s second largest city and is traditionally the place where young and hopeful actors travelled to realise the American Dream. Today, many actors live and work in this vibrant Californian city, which means there are lots of trendy and exclusive bars and restaurants.

Tourists in LA can take a stroll along the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard to see over 2,000 stars’ names engraved into the pavement representing the history of Hollywood talent. Disneyland theme park, Warner Bros. Studios and Universal Studios theme park and studio tour are the most popular tourist attractions in the area, as well as various waterparks such as Wild Rivers. LA is America’s theme park capital, but there are other less commercial attractions for the more cultured tourist.

The Hollywood Bowl is home to the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and is a great place to visit on a warm evening to enjoy a picnic and an outdoor concert. The recently constructed Walt Disney Concert Hall is a world away from Disneyland and is the home of the Hollywood Philharmonic Orchestra. Its unusual architecture has been likened to the Sydney Opera House, and it is one of the most significant buildings in the USA today. Santa Monica Pier is also a great place to explore, with its restaurants, ferris wheel, carnival games, and nearby beaches for soaking up the sun.